Northwest B 2005-2006: girls

Lummi Nation1001.0001670.696
North Sound Christian730.7009110.450
Master's Touch Christian640.600890.471
Tulalip Heritage550.5001190.550
Grace Academy280.2003180.143

Last Season: 2004-2005 Northwest B

Next Season: 2006-2007 Northwest 1B

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For league: 16 - 32 in non-league games

Home team wins 56.7% of league games (17 - 13)

86 games; average margin: 18.50
median margin: 15
15 games five points or less margin (including overtime games)
31 games ten points or less margin (including overtime games)

30 league games; average margin: 16.17
median margin: 13
4 games five points or less margin (including overtime games)
12 games ten points or less margin (including overtime games)

11/29/05at Tulalip Heritage 47, Mariner C team 24Non-league
11/29/05Northwest Yeshiva 28, at Grace Academy 27Non-league
12/02/05at Charles Wright 38, Lopez 10Non-league
12/03/05at Northwest Yeshiva 46, Grace Academy 21Non-league
12/03/05at Chief Leschi 34, Lopez 30Non-league
12/03/05at Quilcene 35, Master's Touch Christian 32Non-league
12/03/05at La Conner 43, North Sound Christian 26Non-league
12/03/05at Darrington 56, Tulalip Heritage 25Non-league
12/05/05at Puget Sound Adventist 45, Grace Academy 30Non-league
12/05/05at North Sound Christian 44, Northwest Yeshiva 24Non-league
12/05/05Tulalip Heritage 38, at Lake Stevens Sophomores 37Non-league
12/06/05at La Conner 58, Grace Academy 27Non-league
12/06/05Lake Stevens Sophomores 73, at Tulalip Heritage 68Non-league
12/06/05at Friday Harbor 66, Lopez 12Non-league
12/06/05Master's Touch Christian 38, at Northwest Yeshiva 35 OTNon-league
12/06/05at Seattle Academy 44, North Sound Christian 31Non-league
12/07/05at Lummi Nation 67, Summit 36Non-league
12/08/05Master's Touch Christian 32, at Puget Sound Adventist 20Non-league
12/09/05Bear Creek 59, at Grace Academy 17Non-league
12/09/05Bush 50, at Lopez 42Non-league
12/09/05Lummi Nation 54, at Chief Leschi 30Non-league
12/10/05Lopez 58, at La Conner 18Non-league
12/10/05Neah Bay 48, Lummi Nation 47Non-league
12/10/05at Northwest Yeshiva 40, Master's Touch Christian 32Non-league
12/10/05at Christian Faith 40, North Sound Christian 29Non-league
12/10/05Tulalip Heritage 61, at Clallam Bay 48Non-league
12/12/05at Seattle Lutheran 45, North Sound Christian 24Non-league
12/13/05Master's Touch Christian 32, at Grace Academy 24
12/13/05North Sound Christian 30, at Lopez 21
12/13/05Tulalip Heritage 57, at Marysville Pilchuck Sophomores 31Non-league
12/16/05at North Sound Christian 54, Grace Academy 14
12/16/05at Lummi Nation 65, Master's Touch Christian 42
12/16/05Tulalip Heritage 53, at Lopez 36
12/17/05Bear Creek 52, at Lopez 13Non-league
12/19/05Shoreline Christian 57, at North Sound Christian 17Non-league
12/20/05Concrete 64, at Lummi Nation 39Non-league
12/20/05at Marysville JHS 36, Master's Touch Christian 19Non-league
12/28/05Concrete 57, Lummi Nation 15Non-league
12/29/05Bear Creek 46, at North Sound Christian 35Non-league
12/29/05Crescent 49, Grace Academy 39Non-league
12/30/05at North Sound Christian 42, Grace Academy 16Non-league
01/03/06at Bear Creek 40, Grace Academy 15Non-league
01/03/06at Master's Touch Christian 49, Lopez 27
01/03/06Lummi Nation 52, at Tulalip Heritage 32
01/06/06at Grace Academy 42, Lopez 27
01/06/06Marysville Pilchuck C team 65, at North Sound Christian 41Non-league
01/06/06at Master's Touch Christian 35, Tulalip Heritage 27
01/10/06at Tulalip Heritage 34, Grace Academy 24
01/10/06Lummi Nation 34, at North Sound Christian 22
01/11/06at Quilcene 47, Lummi Nation 46Non-league
01/12/06at Bear Creek 44, Master's Touch Christian 20Non-league
01/13/06at Lummi Nation 48, Grace Academy 27
01/13/06at Tulalip Heritage 39, North Sound Christian 35
01/14/06Clallam Bay 41, at Tulalip Heritage 15Non-league
01/14/06at Lopez 35, Friday Harbor JV 26Non-league
01/17/06at Tulalip Heritage 45, Lopez 33
01/17/06at Grace Academy 43, Marysville Pilchuck C team 39Non-league
01/17/06at North Sound Christian 43, Master's Touch Christian 34
01/20/06at Tulalip Heritage 35, Marysville JHS 33Non-league
01/20/06Master's Touch Christian 39, at Lopez 34
01/20/06North Sound Christian 43, at Grace Academy 40
01/21/06at Neah Bay 80, Grace Academy 27Non-league
01/21/06at Lummi Nation 53, Master's Touch Christian 34
01/24/06at North Sound Christian 43, Lopez 28
01/24/06Master's Touch Christian 52, at Grace Academy 24
01/24/06at Lummi Nation 50, Tulalip Heritage 36
01/25/06at Lummi Nation 53, Quilcene 34Non-league
01/27/06Grace Academy 38, at Lopez 32
01/27/06Master's Touch Christian 39, at Tulalip Heritage 38
01/27/06at Lummi Nation 39, North Sound Christian 29
01/28/06Lummi Nation 58, at Grace Academy 30
01/28/06Tulalip Heritage 45, at Marysville Pilchuck Sophomores 33Non-league
01/31/06at Lummi Nation 73, Lopez 12
01/31/06at North Sound Christian 40, Tulalip Heritage 32
02/02/06at North Sound Christian 36, Master's Touch Christian 19
02/03/06Lummi Nation 30, at Lopez 19
02/04/06Tulalip Heritage 62, at Grace Academy 33
02/07/06Darrington 35, at North Sound Christian 25D1 B Tournament (loser out)
02/07/06at Lummi Nation 60, Grace Academy 26D1 B Tournament (loser out)
02/07/06at Mount Vernon Christian 62, Master's Touch Christian 28D1 B Tournament (loser out)
02/07/06at Shoreline Christian 71, Tulalip Heritage 15D1 B Tournament (loser out)
02/10/06Mount Vernon Christian 41, at Lummi Nation 40D1 B Tournament
02/11/06at Lummi Nation 42, Darrington 32D1 B Tournament (3rd/4th)
02/17/06Lummi Nation 70, Neah Bay 62D1/2/3 B Tournament
02/21/06Evergreen Lutheran 62, Lummi Nation 38D1/2/3 B Tournament (winner to state)
02/24/06Clallam Bay 53, Lummi Nation 44D1/2/3 B Tournament (winner to state/loser out)

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