Rogers (Spokane) Girls' Basketball 2008-2009

Schedule and Results

Overall Record:0 - 20
League Games:0 - 20
Non-league Games:0 - 0
Post-Season:0 - 0

2007-2008 Points Rating: -11.688 (68/278)

2008-2009 Points Rating: -8.264 (58/264)

Schedule and results are unofficial

Tue 12/02/08Shadle Park (-46.1)AwayLost21-76League
Fri 12/05/08East Valley (Spokane) (-32.1)HomeLost22-51League
Tue 12/09/08Mead (-48.2)AwayLost19-61League
Fri 12/12/08Central Valley (-45.1)HomeLost17-68League
Tue 12/16/08Ferris (-20.9)HomeLost31-68League
Sat 12/20/08Gonzaga Prep (-32.5)HomeLost27-71League
Tue 12/23/08University (-36.7)HomeLost31-65League
Tue 01/06/09Lewis and Clark (-55.8)HomeLost21-68League
Fri 01/09/09North Central (-16.8)HomeLost20-60League
Tue 01/13/09Shadle Park (-46.1)HomeLost12-48League
Fri 01/16/09East Valley (Spokane) (-32.1)AwayLost29-63League
Tue 01/20/09Mead (-48.2)HomeLost23-57League
Fri 01/23/09University (-36.7)AwayLost22-68League
Tue 01/27/09Ferris (-20.9)AwayLost38-54League
Fri 01/30/09Gonzaga Prep (-32.5)AwayLost26-67League
Sat 01/31/09North Central (-16.8)AwayLost34-63League
Tue 02/03/09Mount Spokane (-26.7)HomeLost41-43League
Thu 02/05/09Central Valley (-45.1)AwayLost16-64League
Thu 02/12/09Lewis and Clark (-55.8)AwayLost23-63League
Sat 02/14/09Mount Spokane (-26.7)AwayLost36-53League

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