This is a hobby site where I display the database of Washington State high school basketball scores I have collected.

Since 1997, games were collected from contemporary sources. My first thought had been to collect for all teams: boys and girls. I soon concluded this was a fool's errand and limited the scope to AA and AAA girls teams. 1997-1998 was the first year I attempted to compile all games for such teams. When the WIAA re-balanced classifications in 2006, many of the 3A teams I had followed dropped to 2A. So I expanded the scope to include that classification. Beginning with 2012-2013 I added boys games for 2A, 3A, and 4A. In the summer of 2013 I pulled historical data from several on-line sites. I thought the project of integrating that data would take a couple of weeks. Inconsistent data between the sites and a high rate of errors requiring tedious checking of individual game facts dragged out the work to about a year. Since I had pulled in data for all classifications, I decided for 2013-2014 to take up that fool's errand and collect scores for every school, girls and boys. I continue to go backwards to pick up results: those I missed at the time, teams I didn't follow at the time, and even whole years prior to starting my collecting.

In November 2023, I published the collection of games including both boys and girls teams from 1985-86 to the present. Besides the additional games, previously collected games were checked for accuracy and errors were corrected. There are now over 300,000 games in the database.

For some games I don't have the numeric score. Sometimes the game outcome is reported with no score or a score that is difficult to read from a newspaper scan. For games in a tournament, the advancement of a team in the bracket is the evidence for the outcome for the unreported game. Other times I have used reliable published standings to determine the outcome for league games I am missing. It is possible to reasonably guess the date and location for some missing games. I have done so where I have good confidence in the estimate.

The current state of contemporary data has declined over the past several years. Many newspapers have reduced coverage of games and some have dropped day-to-day coverage entirely. WPAN, based out of Whatcom County, was purchased in 2020 by VNN from Michigan resulting in a loss of in-state knowledge. While the WIAA was using MaxPreps for RPI calculation, the quality of the MaxPreps data improved greatly. Coaches and athletic directors reported and checked the data. However since 2021, after WIAA dropped MaxPreps as a provider and after game referees started reporting the scores to Score Arbiter, the data quality has dropped significantly. Why should referees be reporting game scores? Aren't there other people at the score table whose job it is to keep track of the score? Most games don't have independent reporting in a newspaper. For those that do, the score reported by referees is often wrong.

The basic presentation has changed little since 1998. The pages are quite compact when compared to commercial sites. Modernizing up the interface is on the to-do list. I will not add 'beautiful presentation' that results in 1MB pages (most are now ~5KB). I have considered the data itself to be paramount, so have directed most of my effort at collection and archival research.

Data is not uniformly available across the state. The Spokane Spokesman-Review, available from several archive sources, is one of the most consistently available resources. Coupled with Bill Pierce's GSL data, the leagues in the eastern edge of the state have the best data. Contrast with B school girls scores from southwest Washington. Very few were reported to for the AP score lists. For some of the state tournament teams I have little more than the data in the State Tournament programs (hence dates are estimated). Teams not in the state tournament don't get much.

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