When my grade school daughter was playing parks and recreation basketball decades ago, she and I started going to girls' basketball games at our local high school. As the season end approached I looked for on-line sources that would give various teams' records so one could tell who was any good out there. Didn't find much, so I began collecting in a spreadsheet scores gleaned from the newspaper and on line sources.

My first thought was to collect for all teams: boys and girls. I soon concluded this was a fool's errand and limited the scope to AA and AAA girls teams. 1997-1998 was the first year I attempted to compile all games for such teams. As the years progressed I got better at finding the results. It is easier if one starts with the actual schedule and then knows when and where to look for results. In a few years I had a fairly large collection of games and scores.

An obvious way to display the spreadsheet content was using HTML. Originally the spreadsheet was exported as a flat file and DOS scripts using command line tools (many from Software Tools in Pascal by Kernighan and Plauger) built the HTML files. Soon I graduated to Linux using shell scripts and then to Perl which is the present tool set. If the HTML seems clunky and old that is because it is. The basic presentation has changed little since 1998. The pages are quite compact when compared to commercial sites.

When the WIAA rebalanced classifications in 2006, many of the 3A teams I had followed dropped to 2A. So I expanded the scope to include that classification. Beginning with 2012-2013 I added boys games for 2A, 3A, and 4A. In the summer of 2013 I pulled historical data from several on-line sites. I thought the project of integrating that data would take a couple of weeks. Inconsistent data between the sites and a high rate of errors requiring tedious checking of individual game facts dragged out the work to about a year. Since I had pulled in data for all classifications, I decided for 2013-2014 to take up that fool's errand and collect scores for every school, girls and boys.

I continue to go backwards to pick up results: those I missed at the time, teams I didn't follow at the time, and even whole years prior to starting my collecting.

Marc Uhlig; contact@teambrunnhilde.com