Pateros Girls' Basketball 1986-1987

Schedule and Results

Overall Record:10 - 12
League Games:4 - 6
Non-league Games:5 - 5
Post-Season:1 - 1

Head coach: Keith Stennes

1986-1987 Ratings and Ranks (rank in class/overall rank)
Points Rating:-20.377 (68/282)
RPI Rating:0.4657 (49/166)
Colley Rating:0.3827 (64/223)
LM w/l Rating:-0.7022 (64/276)

Schedule and results are unofficial

Fri 12/05/86Curlew (-15.1)HomeLost55-59Non-League
Sat 12/06/86Wilson Creek (+32.9)Won62-40Non-League
Fri 12/12/86Waterville (-9.2)Lost42-47Non-League
Sat 12/13/86Wilson Creek (+32.9)Won50-23Non-League
Fri 12/19/86Chelan JVLost46-48Non-League
Sat 12/20/86Thorp (+37.3)AwayWon65-30Non-League
Mon 12/29/86Soap Lake (+ 9.7)Won59-50Non-League
Tue 12/30/86Liberty Bell (-26.6)Lost29-53Non-League
Sat 01/03/87Mansfield (-4.7)Lost38-39Non-League
Fri 01/09/87Manson (-28.6)Lost38-61League
Sat 01/10/87Entiat (+19.2)Won58-29League
Fri 01/16/87Brewster (-18.3)Lost22-59League
Sat 01/17/87Bridgeport (-10.5)Won65-51League
Fri 01/23/87Liberty Bell (-26.6)Lost38-59Leagueest date
Sat 01/24/87Thorp (+37.3)HomeWon62-36Non-League
Fri 01/30/87Manson (-28.6)Lost36-79League
Sat 01/31/87Entiat (+19.2)Won42-38League
Fri 02/06/87Brewster (-18.3)Won44-39League
Sat 02/07/87Bridgeport (-10.5)Lost29-50League
Fri 02/13/87Liberty Bell (-26.6)Lost29-64League
Sat 02/21/87Soap Lake (+ 9.7)Won56-44D6 B Tournament (loser out)
Tue 02/24/87Liberty Bell (-26.6)Lost37-58D6 B Tournament (loser out)

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